Wednesday, 30 June 2010

no longer a distress virgin!

Hello bloggers, sorry i havent  posted this week but i really still havent been to good with the heat this week. My M.E is messing about but feel a bit better today so thought i would shout out about what i have done today.
Now i have been very jealous lately, it seems more and more people are colouring and stamping using Tim Holtz distress inks. From what i have seen they are brilliant, so wanted to try them for my self. I have only 5 distress inks of my own these are:
-worn lipstick
-brushed corduroy
-dried marigold
-vintage photo
-broken china
One of my favorite stamp collections(due to elisabeth bell) is whiff of joy, i just love her designs, I came across their whiff of joy inspirations and tutorial blog. I try and go on there every other day to check out their blog posts and fab tutorials.
Well i came across this tutorial and jumped at the chance to have a go at this. I have seen other tutorials but they havent been as detailed as this one plus i was in the mood and had the energy to go to hobby craft to get supplies. I picked up a water colour pad and some brushes.
Now as i only have 5 distress inks i was limited in the colouring area but i had a go and different strengths of the colour. Please remember this is my first go at this, so to be honest it isnt that good.

This picture is with out a flash. As you can see i smudged the far right hoove with my hand(silly me) Also i think i used a bit too much water and that is why some of the colours have run. For the body i used brushed corduroy and i havent shadded it correctly but i was just practicing with different depths of the same colour and i was really impressed.

This is with the flash and shows the colouring depths better. I am pleased with it as like i said it is my first go at this. I am so happy i found the tutorial and want to say a big thank you to Ann who posted the tutorial, i found it so easy to follow. I am now going to add more distress inks to my wish list.
Stamp-whiff of joy, Charlottes Horse
Distress inks- from inkylicious (cheapest i have found in the UK)

I hope you like the post i found and if like me if you have never tried distress inks and want to have a go take a look at the tutorial.
I would love it if you could leave a comment, let me know what you think good/bad or any advice or tips you would like to share with me.

x Laura x


scrapcat 1 said...

I think you have made an excellent start on colouring with the distress inks, like you I am in awe of people who can do this, when I get some more colours I will give it a bash as well.

raindropecho said...

Hi Laura! I'm so glad that you posted your link and that you found my tutorial to be helpful. I'm sure with some practice that you'll get the hang of it, but this is a fantastic start! Best of luck :)

- Ann